A 25m long fluorescent pink jellyfish floats above the Molitor swimming pool!

A 25m long fluorescent pink jellyfish floats above the Molitor swimming pool!

Each winter, the outside pool of Molitor welcomes a XXL facility of the grandest. This yr, the artist Retrograffitism unveils a 25m lengthy neon pink jellyfish, seeming to drift above the Molitor swimming pool. Masterful!

A 25m lengthy jellyfish floats above the Molitor swimming pool

A huge new set up involves overlook the swimming pool Molitor ! Imagined by the city artist Retro (generally known as retrograffitism) and produced with the cultural engineering company WASAAthe work referred to as “MEDUSA” is all about creating an immersive expertise. Dumbfounded, we thus uncover this majestic fluorescent fuchsia jellyfish, 25 meters lengthy. Monumental, this dreamlike set up tends to remind us that in these unsure instances, it may be life-saving to let ourselves be carried by the currents of life.

“MEDOUSA”, embodiment of letting go

Pictures: @axel_corjon

If the set up of Retrograffitism thus questions the spectator on the idea of “letting go”, “MEDOUSA” additionally impresses by its scale. At dusk, lit by traversing spotlights, the 25m lengthy jellyfish takes on one other dimension. With its proportions taking part in on scales of measurement, the order of issues is reversed. Thus, the human finds himself tiny, a easy spectator transported to the underside of the ocean. To notice that “MEDUSA” has been designed to have the bottom doable environmental influence.

MEDOUSA in a couple of figures:

Neon pink jellyfish swimming pool Molitor Paris

  • 6000 nautical knots for the mending
  • 25 meters lengthy
  • 800 working hours (manufacturing)
  • 900 meters of hand-crafted piano wires for the tentacles
  • 285 kg

“MESOUSA” Hôtel Molitor, 13 Rue Nungesser et Coli, 75016 Paris – Free admission till March 31, 2022

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