A monumental drawing in the sand in Saint-Malo to protest against the war in Ukraine | pop-culture

A monumental drawing in the sand in Saint-Malo to protest against the war in Ukraine |  pop-culture

Seaside artwork Saint-Malo is an artist identified to locals. He indulges in dance-like acrobatics to mark the sand with monumental designs. Geometric figures, timber and flowers are his favourite topics. However yesterday is an enormous tank which came about on the high quality sand. The design is so properly executed that it appears to be like just like the wheels are rolling and nothing can cease it. However, a couple of meters additional, a younger lady stands earlier than this weapon of conflict along with her arm raised. She holds up a flower. The simplicity of the strains makes the message much more highly effective. As caption: “Fucking conflict”.

Artwork within the face of conflict

This picture resonates in our minds. We keep in mind the well-known pictures of The lady with the flower by Marc Riboud. A younger lady faces a line of armed troopers with a flower in her hand as her solely defence. It was in 1967 at Washington DC throughout a protest towards the Vietnam Conflict. To the violence of bayonets or tanks, we reply with pacifism. That is the human versus the conflict machine. Love within the face of conflict. The genius of the work of Seaside Artwork Saint-Malo can be as a consequence of its ephemerality. It will likely be erased with the froth of the waves. However this picture will stay etched in our minds. Fuck conflict. Make artwork. It isn’t us who stated it, it is Seaside artwork Saint-Malo.

The Woman with a Flower by Marc Riboud © Pinterest

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