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For who ? You, the lover of citrus fruits, rhizomes, contemporary herbs and spices.
Cult dish? Smoked eel and matcha mousse.

That night, our stomachs a little bit sulky, we dreamed of a hand-to-hand struggle with a chef, of being shocked and transported by the dinner. From his open kitchen the place he has a panoramic view of the eating room with its minimalist ornament and in line with the instances, Adrien Ferrand granted our want. Skilled by William Ledeuil, he shares together with his mentor a love of contemporary herbs, citrus fruits and spices.

With this plate of eel minimize into sections, calmly smoked and hidden beneath clouds of matcha foam (€16), he surprised us with its subtlety. Over the bites, our palate is roofed with a vegetable powder and right here and there, a couple of cleverly sown wooden sorrel shoots.

The follow-up is straight on with this grilled squid with a powerful grid, accompanied by spelled and watercress purée (€27). For the marriage to be good, add subtly dosed lemon supremes, Thai basil leaves and to bind every thing collectively with out drowning out the flavors, a white butter sauce. The acidity, the anise flavors, the crispy cephalopod, every thing we cherish a lot is introduced collectively right here.

The dessert shouldn’t be missing in panache both. Right here once more, on the creamy coconut, diced pineapple and lime, the stability of flavors is mastered (€11). No eels beneath rock at Eels, the enterprise is evident and the dinner, easily carried out.

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