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For who ? Those that dream of a terrific chef’s delicacies at an reasonably priced value low-cost : at lunch, menus at €19 and €25!
Cult dish? This time, a fricassee of guinea fowl legs, tahini, candied leeks, herbs and lettuce.

Fast boarding for Haute-Gastronomie! We sit in top notch, on the counter, with Alban Chanteloup (ex-sous-chef of the Neptune in Geneva) as a hostess to pamper us through the journey. From right here, the view is breathtaking on the cockpit: with agile gestures, the cooks assemble the plates and make us salivate upfront. Prepared for take-off. Starting of a visit with 9 stops (night menu at €58). In widespread thread: barbecue cooking, introduced again by our chef from his travels in Australia, Tasmania, Japan

Shiitake mushroom broth in smoked oil. Barbecued peas, pod juice, burrata. Asparagus sublimated by the sourness of whey and the sweetness of almond milk and pistachio cream… Armed with high-flying nation bread, we frantically sauce every plate, all the pieces is excellent! The 2-course guinea fowl additionally takes off within the firmament: the breast poached in its carcass juice and squash curry, the leg in a fricassee, tahini, candied leeks, herbs galore and lettuce. Impeccable touchdown with desserts that aren’t very candy however deliciously indulgent, like these strawberries accompanied by sheep yoghurt and rhubarb ice cream with pollen. The meal goes from dazzling in dazzling, with none turbulence. We now solely consider one factor: afford the return ticket.

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