La Barlette, the new original pastry from L’Éclair de Génie

La Barlette, the new original pastry from L’Éclair de Génie

Created by chef Christophe Adam for boutiques The Flash of Geniusthe Barlette is the brand new spring pastry temptation!

Enjoyable and seasonal novelty, the Barlette is a pastry that can please all gourmets… and all of the undecided who will now not have to decide on between the creaminess of an éclair and the tangy flavors of a fruit pie.

3aChef Christophe Adam is behind this astonishing creation, on sale in L’Éclair de Génie shops, which already supply 1001 éclairs, every tastier than the following.

2aLa Barlette is made up of a crispy pie crust in candy vanilla pastry, a creamy fruit cream, refreshed with items of fruit… And it is available in a number of variations, to our delight!

4aAll you need to do is select your taste: vanilla, strawberry, speculoos, blackberry, Gianduja, blackcurrant, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut praline, lemon cream, Yuzu and candied ginger, Cantonese grilled sesame…

Paris Choose loves these little sweets, which you’ll see your self having fun with as a dessert throughout a really stylish picnic within the gardens of Paris!


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