La Gaité Lyrique offers an exhibition-experience at the crossroads of the worlds of architecture and the virtual | Culture

la gaité lyrique offers an exhibition experience at the crossroads of

It’s in a worldwide context with airs of apocalypse and overproduction of photos that La Gaîté presents us a superb monumental building, on the intersection of artwork, applied sciences and social points. Certainly, till July 10, 2022, the artist Sabrina Ratté invitations us to rediscover a type of clairvoyance by tearing the veil thrown over our eyes to enter into the substance of the picture, not stopping at its floor, win her again to revive her aura.

Setting solar, abandoned cities, petrified nature… the world proposed by the Canadian artist is as hypnotizing as it’s distressing. By way of a sequence of installations utilizing video projections, 3D animations, photogrammetry, sculptures, spatial units and sound creations by Roger Tellier-Craig, the audiovisual artist immerses us in his dream architectures and carnal landscapes. positioned someplace between the bodily world and the digital world.

Consistent with the unbelievable earlier Massive Codecs reminiscent of Faire Corps (Adrien M & Claire B) and Completely satisfied are the cracked, as a result of they’ll let the sunshine via (Olivier Ratsi), the customer is invited to be an actor on this exhibition that appears like a situation of Science fiction. Right here, the works overflow onto the wandering areas, which have grow to be locations of a rare immersive expertise.

The thought of ​​these images-mirages with distinctive atmospheres? Questioning ourselves on the screens that devour our lives, and which typically obscure our understanding, typically blind our orientation, whereas reminding us that our relationship to the world is simply a relationship of notion. One other massive shot of feelings that we beg you to expertise with out moderation!

The Gaite Lyrique
3bis, rue Papin – 3rd
AURAe by Sabrina Ratté

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