Office colleagues: 13 endearing or unbearable type profiles!

Office colleagues: 13 endearing or unbearable type profiles!

Between the one who solely thinks about consuming, the messy colleague, the lazy one, the one all the time underwater, the “bitch” or the everlasting latecomer… you’ll inevitably acknowledge on this High a few of your workplace colleagues. Whether or not endearing or downright insufferable, uncover typical profiles of labor colleagues. Higher chortle it off, proper?

The belly-on-legs workplace colleague

“He’s the gold, my lord!” The gold of sustenance!” If it was a comic book, the belly-on-legs workplace colleague could be depicted with a bubble above the pinnacle containing a hen wing glistening with frying oil. Within the morning, barely his buttocks resting on his chair, belly-on-legs launches the important “The place are we consuming this afternoon? » After 12:01 p.m., do not rely on him anymore, EATING is a matter of survival.

The new workplace colleague of the underpants who takes the open house for Tinder, Meetic or Mektoub

Everyone knows this workplace colleague a little bit sizzling from the slibard. His crush? No, it isn’t the beautiful switchboard operator, nicely sure, however not solely… Like a superb self-respecting Jean-Claude Duss, the new colleague of the slibard units his sights on every part that strikes, as a result of as everyone knows “we by no means know, on a misunderstanding, it might work…” As Deadly Bazooka sang with such refinement in J’aime trop ton boul “You ladies are all my type lady!”

Poo break. His HQ? The pot !

If firstly, the one you’ll quickly nickname poo break tries to be discreet when he slips away to the little nook, but it’s troublesome for him to not be grilled in the long run. As a result of sure, it is a truth: poo-break clearly spends its life in the bathroom, unquestionably his favourite spot. A lot so, that he would even dream of organising a espresso desk, crossword clues, a fruit basket and a wall of multicolored bathroom paper in HIS house. When he makes his comeback within the open house, the bowl veteran wears a large smile of reduction and satisfaction leaving little room for doubt. Recreation Of Thrones ? Little or no for a poo break… As a result of he’s the grasp of the throne!

The “Jacky” of the open house

“Oh Jackie! The pastaga, it is cool, silly? Are we working or are we *****ing? Personally, I do not actually wish to work! » Together with his slang experience and his excellent mastery of bawdy music, the Jacky of the corporate is that this gritty colleague who desires to get away from all of it, inevitably transporting you to a development website within the south of France with Jean-Marie Bigard and Patrick Sébastien round a little bit yellow. If he makes a few of his colleagues chortle out loud, his schoolboy humor, nevertheless, conjures up the contempt of essentially the most caught. The issue? The large boss arrives unexpectedly? A giant consumer bursts into the open house? It will be smart to place a muzzle on Jacky’s throat. As a result of with his verve to legendary class, Jacky has no (no) limits.

The workplace natural bobo turkey

Are you aware the preposal E? Textually, this will imply nothing to you, however in case you are advised “Hello-E, you-E, are you-E, well-EEEEEEEEE?” » does that talk to you? Sure everyone knows this insufferable lady lastly “insup’E” who ends all his sentences in an infinite, minnow-sounding E. That is it, are you able to see it? Sure, it’s certainly the identical turkey with a goosebumps mouth that shakes its hair 50 instances a day with a deceptively mysterious air just like the look of a lifeless fish and whose lexical subject boils all the way down to anglicisms and abbreviations. “I discovered an natural canteen unbelievable in Répu, not removed from Monop’ I’ve to present you a quick lady, they make a burrata with out lactose at 5 E, and carbo’ with out bacon cooked by a Shaolin monk, we actually must brainstorm round a detox’E drink” What’s on the desk of the ORGANIC bobo turkey? Linseed, natural carrot purging for transit and eco-friendly handkerchiefs, along with a packet of Twix XL subtly stashed within the drawer.

The aromatic colleague (in each sense of the phrase)

Scent of stale tobacco, breath of lifeless pony, fragrance of excessively previous casserole? The aromatic colleague is the one from whom it’s good to maintain his distance. Additionally it is this similar colleague who’s a follower of Maroilles or raclette tupperware. The one one who has the heart to convey some Welsh within the bowl. If for you, the tenacious scent just like Jacouille’s ft will undoubtedly fragrance the room till two days later, the aromatic colleague has no embarrassment. What is the level ? He doesn’t scent something, his sense of scent is prowled. “Monsieur Ouille, did you eat cheese crusts this morning?” »

The BFF of labor

“I’ll all the time be the identical, a little bit bohemian… And I’ll stay… Your finest pal” As in Lorie’s music, your BFFs from work, is your ally in all circumstances. Just a little first fan, a little bit mentor, he’s the one who provides you sound recommendation and helpful suggestions in your work. However he’s additionally the particular person with whom you favor bitching! With a glance, you are chuckling, typically arousing the incomprehension of your colleagues, however who cares. Workplace life with out him? It’s kind of like Laurel with out Hardy, Dumb with out Dumber, Starsky with out Hutch, Minus with out Cortex, Tic with out Tac or Physician Quinn with out Sully: inconceivable! An excessive amount of love!

The messy colleague whose workplace could possibly be the topic of the present “it is clear” on M6

crumbs caught between keyboard keys, oily fingerprints on the pc display screen, packets of cookies, used tissuesassortment of cups and water bottles, unidentified substances… On the messy co-worker’s desk, there may be foods and drinks. If a sewer rat would “deal with” this workplace there, within the occasion of a legal investigation, the messy workplace colleague could be grilled by the scientist in lower than 3 seconds. Additionally it is this similar considerably Pierre Richard colleague who adorns your freshly printed file with a lovely oily medallion or a espresso stain. His workplace: it is Baghdad! The housekeeper’s worst nightmare? Unquestionably.

The lazy colleague, who has a hair (tree trunk) in his hand…

On-line purchasing, video games, movies of legless frog copy on Youtube, administrative letters, in search of a inexperienced plant to your residence… The lazy colleague is the nightmare of the “underwater” colleague. On his display screen there may be EVERYTHING besides work. The boss arrives within the open house? Hop, now the web purchasing, video games, breeding movies of bowl-necked frogs and IKEA inexperienced plant tabs are miraculously switched by a piece web page. A hair within the hand? An understatement. It is annoying is not it?

The colleague nonetheless “below water”

” You coming to eat ? » “I can not, I am underwater!” » ” A espresso ? “I can not, I am underwater!” “Are we going for a drink after work?” “I can not, I am underwater.” » Filled with goodwill, the underwater co-worker is usually the one with a superb again. Collateral harm of a sure understaffing, he can not say no. His worst nightmare? The colleague who has a hair (tree trunk) in his hand: the mere sight of his display screen provides him hives. The colleague nonetheless underwater? It’s kind of of a Huge Blue remake 2.0.

The everlasting latecomer

“Sorry, I had water harm. » “I can be late, the metro driver stopped the journey as a result of he vomited” “I will be late, I had my alarm clock stolen final evening, it is unusual, he solely stole the alarm clock” “Sorry, I forgot it was Monday, I used to be actually satisfied it was was Sunday” “Sorry for the delay, a grandma bought run over by a drunk man on her scooter at 8 a.m., I needed to decide up her dentures” Not within the morning, the everlasting latecomer work colleague goes crescendo when it comes to excuses. A feast for our ears.

Auntie Danielle from the open house

All of us have our Aunt Danielle from the workplace! However how do you acknowledge this poisonous work colleague? He is by no means unsuitable? He passes most of his time criticizing others? Make enjoyable of his friends in any respect prices? He is able to do something to have the sensation of being the very best? It empties you of your power with its perpetual unfavorable waves? He appears to get off on sowing discord? Inform your self one factor: the perpetual sourness is the one factor that offers the sensation of present to the Aunt Danielle of the open house, the fault of an interstellar vacuum. Its purpose ? As unusual as it might sound: enhance your vanity. An recommendation ? We maintain our distance! (Much more than with the colleague who brings tartiflette in his Tupperware, sure)

The singer: The open house? The Voice!

“So that you simply love me coooooooore” This workplace colleague over there may be the official firm jukebox! Celine Dion, Mariah Carey not maintain any secrets and techniques to your fellow singer. After his morning vocalizations, the Amel Bent of sandboxes can put a music in your head very quickly. An essential file to complete, and right here you’re buzzing frantically “The little foam man” by pricey Patou. Because the singer of the open house is a real artist at coronary heart, the choreographies are additionally essential. Air-piano by Gilbert Montagné on “we will love one another” passionate gestures of Celine Dion to make a stiff neck, Moonwalk and “hihi” from Mickael, “raaaahhh ahhhh” from Claude François? The Voice or Dancing with the Stars? The singer of the open house remains to be struggling…

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