Soy | Restaurants in Folie-Mericourt, Paris

Soy |  Restaurants in Folie-Mericourt, Paris

For who ? A high quality vegi-bio-vegan palate, but in addition a recidivist meat eater (“vegetarian stuff is all the time bland”)
Cult dish? Vegan couscous.

A necessary canteen for plant-based gastronomy since 2007, notoriously for its very full brunch, Soya additionally is aware of the way to deal with its lunch and dinner menu, in its loft decor with a number of glass roofs. We uncover in him a robust penchant for oriental and Italian delicacies, which we honor as they need to with a plate of mezze (€13): hummus; beetroot caviar, aubergines, zucchini antipasti, mushrooms and for the feel, lovely slices of marinated soy. We accompany it with a glass of natural wine or a cocktail (10 euros), with pineapple, rum and kombucha.

The entire wheat couscous (€16) is a delight, accompanied by crunchy biscuits and a spicy broth during which finely minimize greens float, wrapped zucchini in strips, turnip, soaked aubergines: this couscous is finished in lace. As for the lasagna, properly topped with small crunchy greens, they show that this traditional, properly ready, even resists the absence of cheese with its tempeh and leek stuffing and an oat milk béchamel sauce.

However woe to anybody who desires to attempt all of the cheesecakes on earth (us): on the subject of dessert, vegan paradise darkens with a plant-based cheesecake (€8) which comes that night in a matcha or purple fruit model. It resists our spoon as its base with seeds is agency and particularly its sickening cream. Our gluttony throws within the towel, we barely contact it. It will not maintain us again to attempt a masala curry subsequent time.

Good plan: Set menus at €15 and €23 (weekday lunch). Limitless tea (provided on weekdays with lunch formulation). All-you-can-eat veggie brunch €32 (Saturday and Sunday)

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