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  • Where to eat unparalleled world food?

    Uninterested in the everlasting bistros and their chauvinistic flavors? Uninterested in Burgundy and its winegrower scents? Sick of butter and its blackened subtleties? Do you may have, on the finish of winter, wishes elsewhere (fully comprehensible)? Comply with our high 5… In a heat and stylish setting, the Kinugawa Matignon restaurant serves refined Japanese delicacies […]

  • 14th arrondissement: the unparalleled charm of rue des Thermopyles

    Just like the Cité Durmar or the Villa Santos-Dumont, the rue des Thermopyles is likely one of the little unknown corners of Paris for which you would journey for miles. Calm, preserved and vibrant, this cobbled alley with a bucolic ambiance is nestled within the Plaisance district and completely bears witness to its previous as […]