The improbable gallery of 1st rue Chabanais: discovering an erotic-poetic universe…

The improbable gallery of 1st rue Chabanais: discovering an erotic-poetic universe…

Wilhelm von Plüschow (1852-1930) Theater of Dionysus in Athens1890 – Classic albumen print

A special gallery greeting a typically forgotten artwork which takes us again to a Belle Epoque environment, in brothels and secret boudoirs, with their portraits of males, sailors, younger kids…

Wilhelm von GLOEDEN (1856-1931), Sailor, 1885 – Classic {photograph}

Opened in 1999 by Nicole Canet, Au Bonheur du Jour presents authentic images from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: the ragazzis by Wilhelm von GloedenWilhelm von Plüschow, Vincenzo Galdi, the boys by Lionel Wendt, Raymond Voinquel and Konrad Helbig, and so forth., in addition to drawings and work by numerous authors: Gaston Goor, Jean Boullet, Soungouroff, Paul Smara, Roland Caillaud, Arthur Chaplin, Charles Gleyre, and others.

Did you say erotic?

The Curiosa (i.e. the publication of erotic works) is within the highlight with a big collection of works and outdated collectibles, offered in a boudoir the place the leap into the previous operates as if by magic, reviving earlier than our eyes courtesans and dandies…

Charles GLEYRE (1806-1874), Mucius Scevola, 1858 – Oil on canvas
The Editions de la galerie, on these similar themes, are restricted in quantity and bought solely on the gallery and on its website.

Wilhelm von GLOEDEN (1856-1931), Portrait with branches, 1885 – Classic {photograph}

Who’s Nicole Canet?

Nicole Canet is an artwork lover at the moment recognized on this planet of the creative pictures market, and of publishing, for having introduced again to the fore the primary European photographers homoerotic so-called homosensitive (outdated and fashionable images, referred to as vintage).She can be acknowledged as historian of sexual sociology of Paris following the publication of his analysis.

Renaud Icard (1886-1971) Mannequin for a painter, 1936 – Classic silver print

Curious parenthesis:

The gallery, with its refined and sensual themesis emulated, you’ll be able to think about … together with Frederic Mitterrandwho, when he describes “his” Paris, evokes Happiness of the day :

“In his gallery-boudoir, Nicole Canet displays work, drawings and pictures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His favourite themes? Orientalism, brothels, sailors, legionnaires, bodybuilders… Authentic works, usually erotic, produced by masters of the style : Lehnert and Landrock, Baron von Gloeden, Jean Boullet, Soungouroff. A libertine universe of which she speaks with the best seriousness.”

Every thing is claimed … tempting, proper? To seek out out extra, head to rue Chabanais, within the second arrondissement.

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