Under The Sea: the first immersive restaurant in Paris opens its doors!

Under The Sea: the first immersive restaurant in Paris opens its doors!

Think about a restaurant the place you’ll have the candy sensation of touring within the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Underneath the Sea”… In Paris, this dream turns into actuality, on the new desk ofEphemeralat. Breathtaking, this pop-up restaurant hid in a secret room of the MK2 Bibliothèque multiplex, within the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris. So, prepare for a wonderful sensory journey Underneath the Sea?

Under The Sea immersive restaurant Paris Ephemera

In France, Ephemeragroup is devoted to turning your eating out into fantastic immersive experiences. In Lyon, the group unveiled its pop-up restaurant Choka, the promise of a wonderful journey, impressed by the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Manufacturing unit. In Paris, the first restaurant immersive of the group has simply opened its doorways. Her title ? Underneath The Sea! In a panoramic setting, get able to amaze your eyes and style buds.

Under The Sea immersive restaurant Paris Ephemera

4k video projection, sound and light-weight video games, Ephemera intends to dazzle you with its marine decorations, created by a movie decorator. From the turquoise waters of the Pacific lagoons to unknown abyssal depths, throughout your meal, encounter majestic fauna and luminescent flora.

Under The Sea immersive restaurant Paris Ephemera

Along with being captivated by the surroundings, your style buds are prone to be in awe. Right here, uncover the delicacies of Chef Loris de Vaucellesstraight out of Paul Bocuse Institute. Within the highlight on the plates? High quality seafood merchandise, labored with creativity. If the primary theme of this ephemeral restaurant takes you to the depths of the ocean, it’s rumored that new themed rooms may quickly be revealed. After “Underneath The Sea” what metamorphoses is Ephemeragroup planning on your subsequent journey of the senses?

Ephemera restaurant, 160 avenue de France, 75013 Paris

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